New PYC Tennis Pro: Alexander T offering Tennis Lessons in Philadelphia, PA

Alexander T has joined the tennis pro team, offering tennis lessons in Philadelphia, PA

“If you aren’t touching the ball you aren’t learning.”

Her credentials include:

*PTR-certified Professional 11-17 with 8 Years Teaching experience
*Teach all levels – Experience with nationally and world ranked players
*Understands the different needs of junior, adult and senior players
*Coached multiple nationally ranked junior players
*5.0+ USTA Rating Top 10 Men’s Open Player

A little more about Alexander:

“It is just as important for a student to be able to understand and self correct as it is to be able to execute a stroke. Knowledge is power in tennis. All too often technique breaks down in a match; I not only teach students how to improve their technique but also how to correct their own mistakes.

Book a tennis lesson in Philadelphia, PA with Alexander T.

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