Tennis Tips: How To Anticipate Your Opponent’s Next Shot

Do you sometimes feel like your opponent can read your mind and knows exactly where your next shot will land? In the video above, PlayYourCourt founder & USPTA coach Scott Baxter teaches you how to anticipate your opponent’s next shot!

How To Predict The Future

Two quick tips for predicting the future:

– Watch the angle of the hips and shoulders. Your opponent will play to the most comfortable angle they are in. Depending on the┬ádirection their body is facing you should be able to tell if they will hit down the line or cross court.

– Notice if they are on offense or defense. If they are defensively positioned you should move in towards the net and get ready to attack.

For a full visual demonstration check out the video above!
read your opponent

How To Take A Tennis Lesson On Your Local Court

Want to get out on the court and give these tips a try? will help you find a top-rated coach who can teach you at your local court! Head to our website and enter in your zip to browse coaches, reviews and rates in your area.

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