Tennis Tips: How To Fix Your Ready Position And Reduce Errors

Tennis Tips: The Right Ready Position For Your Style

Another PlayYourCourt tennis tips segment comin’ at ya!

Even though the ready position is one of the first things we learn in tennis and it is considered “simple”, doing it incorrectly can cause a lot of problems. It’s always best to learn the right techniques from the start, and there is a major mistake most players make in the ready position.

In the video above, PYC founder Scott Baxter shows how your ready position could be causing errors, and how to fix it!


In the ready position, your bottom hand should be your forehand grip.

Now that is true no matter what kind of grip you have — eastern vs. semi-western, it doesn’t matter. Whatever grip you use on your forehand ground stroke is what you should be holding the bottom of your racket with when you are waiting for the next shot.

And conversely, whatever position your top hand is in during your backhand ground stroke is the right ready position for it. That may be up on the throat of the racket or not, depending on if you have a one handed or two handed backhand.

Seems simple enough, right?

But there is a major mistake that even D-I players make: forgetting to shift their bottom hand back to their forehand ground stroke position after hitting a backhand.

For a full visual demonstration of the error and how to fix it, watch Scott in the video above!


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