The 10 Best Tennis Gifts for the Tennis Obsessed

We found the absolute best Tennis Gifts for the tennis player in your life

Balls, rackets, lessons, shoes? If you are stumped on what gifts for tennis players are best for your loved one or others in your life, we’ve got some great tennis gift ideas for you.

Have any tennis lovers in your life? Chances are you do! Tennis lovers also tend to be proactive gift buyers, so don’t get left behind. Here is our way-too-early list of the best tennis gifts for the tennis-obsessedĀ folks in your life:

10. Tennis Bean Bag Chair – Turbo Beanbags

Alright we know we said 10, but we couldn’t leave out this awesome tennis beanbag chair! Perfect for anyone who loves tennis and/or comfortable places to sit šŸ™‚ Get this and other styles at


9. Tennis Tie- Vineyard Vines

tennis gifts vineyard vines tennis tie

The holidays are one of the most fun times of the year to get dressed up, so why not look your best AND show off your love of tennis. This stylish tennis-themed tie from Vineyard Vines is sure to be a conversation starter!

8. Tennis Ball Bottle Stopper- Oenophilia

tennis gifts bottle stopper

Tennis lovers work hard and play hard. Nothing better than a nice glass of wine after a long, hard match. Reward the tennis lover in your life with the perfect stocking stuffer, a tennis ball bottle stopper!

7.Ā Tennis Themed Calendars- Tennis Identity

tennis gifts federer calendar

Need a present for your tennis-loving Aunt who doesn’t really deserve an expensive present? An awesome tennis calendar certainly fits the bill. Whether she loves Roger, Rafa, or tennis in general, she’ll love looking at her favorite players every day of the year.

6. Lessons with a Coach

tennis gifts hapifork

Tennis players take their physical fitness seriously, and improving their game, stroke, and serve might be the best thing you can give them. How about a PlayYour Court gift certificate for 5-7 lessons? We’re willing to bet it’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

5. Tennis Butts-Ā

tennis gifts tennis butts

We aren’t talking about a derriere, here, get your mind out of the gutter! These adorable decals go on the butt of your tennis racket, and are the perfect way to customize your rackets. Your kids will love them, too!

4. Official Wimbledon Towel- Wimbledon Shop

tennis gifts wimbledon towel

It’s no secret that the players towel is one of the most coveted items a player gets all year. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a professional tennis player to add one to your tennis bag. It will be the best $48 holiday gift you will ever give the tennis-obsessed loved one in your life.

3. Shafty Tennis Bands-

tennis gifts

Tennis rackets all look fairly similar, and unlike other sports, there are limited options to customize them. Enter the shafty tennis band. These fun bands hold your overgrip in place rather than using the standard elastic or sticky wraps they come with. They all say something fun, funny, or motivational. Not only do they personalize your racket, but they can provide a little needed inspiration on court, too!

2. Tennis iPhone Case- Zazzle

tennis gifts iphone case

Everyone knows someone who is completely obsessed with tennis. When they aren’t on the court, chances are they are watching tennis, or thinking about tennis. This iPhone case is the PERFECT gift for someone with tennis constantly on their mind. Protecting an expensive iPhone and making someone smile? That’s what we call aĀ win-win.

1. Tennis Lesson Gift Card- PlayYourCourt


Know someone who needs a little work on their tennis game? We all do! When looking for tennis gifts, nothing could be more perfect than a sure-fire way for any tennis lover to improve their tennis game. No matter the age, skill level, or goals of the player, tennis lessons are the perfect holiday gift! PlayYourCourt makes tennis lessons more affordable, and convenient. They will send a certified teaching professional to the court of your choice, at a time that fits your busy schedule. Now there is no excuse for youĀ or your loved one to start improving their game.

Think we missed some potentially great tennis gifts for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. My dad is a tennis player, which is why I’m currently looking for a sports motivational clothing that he may use in playing. Well, you’re also right that a stylish theme tie wills surely put a smile on his face. I’ll keep in mind to look for a tennis ball stopper as well since he may use this for his red wine.

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