Tips on Choosing Tennis Apparel

There are certain considerations concerning tennis apparel that you need to have in mind once you start choosing the perfect garments. Since tennis consists of many different movements, you certainly need to look for functionality. You need to be comfortable while playing and be able to move freely. When it comes to choosing a material, you must be careful to use only the ones that will keep your body cool and dry, which will help you during the play. Make sure you take everything into consideration when choosing tennis apparel and always put function before style.

In case that you don’t specifically look for the classic tennis apparel and you need it for practice, you can opt for running shorts that will give you the freedom of movement you need. Wearing a short that is too tight may cause problems when you serve or perform a groundstroke. The key is to find the apparel that is a perfect fit – not to loose and not to tight, so you can truly be able to focus on your game, rather than on your clothes.

Match the Outfit with the Weather

Depending on weather and the season, you need to make small changes in the way you are choosing your clothes. If it’s hot and you have a scheduled match, it is probably a wise idea to choose light colors that reflect heat instead of the dark colors that absorb it. It is wise to choose a light-colored hat made of a material that will protect you from the sun, but enable your body to cool down.

It is always a good idea to choose a material that keeps you dry and protects your skin from perspiration. Wearing cotton is certainly not a smart idea, because heat dissipates through your pores, and wet cotton blocks pores. Socks should be chosen carefully, because running may cause blisters. Good choice of socks means that they will prevent your feet from sliding in your shoes. Consider choosing reinforced ones around the toes and heels and made of a cotton-synthetic blend.

On the other hand if it’s little bit chilly outside, you should wear layers of clothing, since it is a better option than wearing one heavy garment. The layers will keep you warm, so wear a long T-shirt and add a blouse or a vest. Pants or long leggings will probably be enough to warm up your legs. You can also put a hat on to preserve your warmth.

Find Good Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are certainly very important for protecting yourself against injuries and choosing them requires for you to take some time. Shoes designed for tennis players provide stability necessary for side-to-side movement. They are also heavier than running shoes, with flat, durable soles for stop-and-go action. Your choice of shoes will also depend on the type of the court you will play on, because different surfaces require different features.

Over the years, tennis footwear has changes and new technology brought lots of improvements. New cushioning materials include EVA. It offers lightweight cushioning, but less stability and durability when compared to other materials. Polyurethane is also used for cushioning. It is much denser and durable, which increases stability. These cushioning materials provide additional padding where it is needed and wick away perspiration. Keep in mind that you must choose footwear according to the anatomy of your feet in order to avoid having blisters and pains due to inefficient movement on the court when you play.

Important Considerations

You will need to keep a ball in your pocket during the match, so you need to make sure there is enough room in your pockets and whether or not will bother you during the play. Most tennis garments come with a pouch for balls, which is quite convenient. There are also other options such as wearing tennis panties that come with a ball pouch.

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