Top 10 Tennis Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

You love dad. Dad loves tennis. Give dad tennis gifts for father’s day and dad loves you more. Simple formula, right?

If you aren’t sure what to get your tennis-loving dad for Father’s Day this year, look no further. Here are 10 of our favorite gifts to fit every budget guaranteed to make your Pop smile!


Tennis Racket and Balls Cufflinks


Going out to a nice dinner with your pops? Give him something that will never go out of style! These tennis cufflinks are handmade in America and are sure to draw lots of compliments!

Buy on Etsy: $30.88


Pocket Radar Ball Coach Speed Radar


Does your dad think he still serves like John Isner? Constantly telling you he serves over 100 MPH? Well, now he can prove it with this awesome portable, accurate radar gun.

Buy on $299.99


Automatic Dog Fetch Machine


Is your dad a little lazy? Does your dog constantly drop tennis balls at his feet begging to play fetch? Problem solved. He can sit on the couch and sip a cold beverage while playing endless fetch with the pooch. Put those old tennis balls to good use and make dad’s day!

Buy on $149.99


Vintage Tennis Racket Coasters



Dad LOVES tennis, and mom HATES water rings on the coffee table. Don’t you want to make both your parents happy? Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Buy on Etsy: $26.00


Tennis Mug


On a tight budget for Father’s Day this year? Well every Dad loves needs coffee. Coffee needs a mug. Give him a fun mug.

Buy on Etsy: $12.99


Tennis Racket Sensors


Technology dominates our lives and gives us instant feedback on countless things in our lives. Why not tennis? Now there are several different racket sensors now that attach to your racket and track all sorts of different data points from your swing and game. Give dad the gift that will have his tennis buddies green with envy!

Compare/buy on tennis-warehouse: from $89.95


Bolt Rackets


There has been little “innovation” in racket technology over the past few years (though the marketing departments for Babolat and Wilson will say differently.) Enter BOLT tennis. They designed rackets from scratch, and patented the “zipstrip” technology that surrounds the frame and improves performance on each and every shot. Dad will be blown away.

Buy on $215


Tennis Lessons On Your Local Court

Help dad get out into the sun and enjoy the summer while working on his tennis game! Head over to and purchase a gift card and we’ll help him┬ápick out the perfect local coach to take his game to the next level. All PlayYourCourt coaches are USPTA or PTR certified, specialize in strategy, technique, or foundations, and will teach the lessons on whatever local outdoor court is most convenient for the student.

Buy on starting at $60




Every tennis player needs the essentials! Put together a tennis gift basket for Dad with some of his favorite things. You can pick items a la carte and make it fit your budget, plus you know he will love it!

Buy on


Funny Tennis T-Shirts


Dad’s love T-shirts. Get him one that shows his love of tennis and humor, too. Just make sure he washes it!

Buy on etsy: from $14.99




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