Top 5 Places for Tennis Lessons in Portland

The city of Portland in Oregon is home to some of the best tennis facilities in America. It’s estimated that there are about 61 tennis courts in the region, with most of them being available to members of the public for tennis lessons. Many of these courts are  open throughout the week, so you can come at your own free time to train.

Below are the top 5 places for tennis lessons in Portland, OR

  1. Portland Tennis Center  This fine tennis facility is located in the suburbs of Portland along NE 12th Ave. It consists of 14 hard courts that are ideal for training, 4 of which are indoor courts. The facilities have clean surfaces with plenty of room behind the baselines, as well as on the sides. Typically, the courts are open for play from 6am till 10pm and are absolutely free, though you can still make special reservations for your tennis lessons if you wish. For this you’ll have to make your booking at least 3 days in advance.
  2. Tualatin Hills Recreation Center

    Tualatin Hills has an advanced tennis facility consisting of 8 outdoor courts and 4 indoor courts. Since the region often experiences a lot of rain the facility has big inflatable court covers, which are blown over the outdoor courts to provide shelter. The indoor courts are sufficiently lit and spacious, plus there’s air-ventilation just in case the weather gets too hot when you are training. There’s also a store where you can buy supplies such as tennis socks, racquets, food and drinks among other items.

  3. Wallace Park

    Found at NW 25th Ave & Raleigh St in Portland, Wallace Park is an expansive recreational center with lots of fun activities for locals. The park consists of several lighted tennis courts that are great for training, and is also tucked close to neighborhood shops and restaurants. There are plenty of tables and benches around to relax during your training breaks. The park is pretty clean compared to others within the Portland area.

  4. Pier Park

    Pier Park on N Lombard St. is a beautiful park area offering visitors some of the best tennis facilities in Portland. The courts are only a short drive or bus ride away from downtown Portland, where it usually takes less than 15 minutes to reach. The tennis hardcourts available are very clean and were recently refurbished to world class standards. Apart from the tennis facilities, Pier Park also has amenities for other sports such as an 18-hole golf course that lies among trees and hills found in the park.

  5. Peninsula Park

    Located on N Rosa Parks Way Portland, Peninsula Park is a picturesque and relaxing recreational center that’s ideal for training. It has several well-kept tennis courts that are open for play all year round, plus the staff is friendly and always ready to guide you through your visit. Apart from the tennis courts, you will also find baseball fields, horseshoe pits and a large playground for your children with a splash pad. An ideal location for tennis lessons!

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