Top 5 Tennis Tantrums of All-Time

A tennis match, as we all know, is like riding a roller coaster of emotion. The highs are very high, and the lows, well, sometimes they can cause even the best players to lose their minds. Here are our top 5 tennis tantrums of all time:


1. John McEnroe- Wimbledon 1981

This is quite possibly the best tantrum ever thrown. McEnroe paved the way as the ultimate superbrat, and this was the one that gained him international notoriety. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!?!

2. Serena Williams- US Open 2009

This one is hard to watch. Serena is called for a foot fault on a second serve, putting her down two match points. She tells the line judge, “I WILL KILL YOU!” and is given a point penalty, costing her the match. Yikes. Even worse, she did it again in 2011, this time targeting the umpire.

3. Marcos Baghdatis- 2012 Australian Open

This one was epic. After destroying a racket in the second round, the crowd eggs him on, and he destroys THREE MORE while sitting on the bench. Love it!

4. Jimmy Connors- US Open 1991

Tennis’ ultimate bad boy, on his epic run to the final in 1991 at 39 years old, threw a hissy fit after his overhead was called out. Controversial call, sure. But he LOST it, and the crowd went bonkers. He never let the ump live it down, either, even going so far as to call him an “abortion.”

5. Andy Roddick- Australian Open 2008

“Do you have ears? Connected to your head? Use them!” This was likely the maddest Roddick ever got on court during his career. It made for some world-class television, too. Hopefully the umpire was able to recover from the verbal assault…

Have you ever lost your cool on the tennis court like these players? We know we have! Tell us about it in the comments section!

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