VIDEO: Sarasota Tennis Match Interrupted By Loud Love Making!

“It can’t be that good,” exclaims pro tennis player Frances Tiafoe around minute two of the video above.

He was reacting to loud *cough* love making noises that interrupted his match in Sarasota, Florida late Tuesday night. As you can see, the announcer at first thought the players were responsible for the grunts. But eventually, he figured out it was a couple in some nearby apartments.

The crowd is at first curious, then uncomfortable, and then as recognition dawns begins to laugh.

The situation harkens back to Toronto in the mid-1990s, according to Slate. At that time, the Toronto SkyDome was attached to a hotel where couples liked to…er…couple for the viewing pleasure (or horror) of the crowded stadium that could see into their windows.

If you were concerned about the match, you needn’t worry. Tiafoe and his opponent Krueger, both decked in purple Nike gear, weren’t particularly bothered by the distraction¬†and continued playing normally.

Tiafoe won in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2.

But the real winner is, of course, the internet.

sarasota tennis love making noises

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