[Video] The World’s Oldest Tennis Player Will Make You Feel Young and Lazy


Meet Artin Elmayan, the worlds oldest professional tennis player. At 95 years old, he is the oldest competitive tennis player on the planet.

They say tennis is a lifetime sport. They say tennis keeps you young. If you needed proof, look no further.

Artin lives in Argentina and comes from Armenian descent. He takes the train three days a week to work with his coach and keep his game sharp. He does it for fun, but still loves the competition. At the time this video was filmed, he was the 26th ranked player in the world in his division.

The most incredible part about that is he plays in the 85 & over division. There simply are not any other players over 90 or 95 to have organized divisions for those age brackets. 10 years age difference is an eternity in professional tennis, and that’s talking about 25 vs. 35 years old. A 95 year old playing 85 year olds is an even more extreme difference.

Most of us simply hope to make it to 95 years old, but to still be playing competitive tennis? That is nothing short of absolutely remarkable. He is an inspiration to all of us tennis addicts.

For those of you who are interested in the game and haven’t yet taken the leap to start playing… it’s not too late! Artin did not pick up the game until 39 years old, and even then it was just a hobby.

The only thing that Artin likes more than tennis? Eating of course! He says that tennis allows him to eat how he likes. If he takes time off, he grows a belly. If that’s not something we can all relate to, I don’t know what is.

Hats off to you, Artin!

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