Djokovic Gives in and Finally (sort of) Sports Stan’s Shorts

Stan’s shorts… on Djokovic?

The (in)famous shorts aren’t going away anytime soon. These two are one of the most fun rivalries to watch in all of tennis, so it’s good to know they get along so well. Stan’s shorts made their way onto to Novak’s bag this week. Think we will ever see them on his body? I wouldn’t get our hopes up, but we can dream, right?!?

Federer’s Drop Shot vs Berdych

Amazing Drop shots are showing up week by week. Feder had an amazing one against Berdych the other day.

Stan and Djokovic Practicing in London


We got a funny picture from Djokovic this week with his practice crew. It’s always great to see pros practice together!

The WTA Tour’s Top 10: Now and then

We posted a great picture blog of the top 10 WTA Tour players as you know them, and as youngsters, side-by-side. You won’t believe the change in some of them. Even celebrity athletes are not immune to the awkward teenage years 🙂

Tip of the week: Stop Wasting Energy on the Court!

Ever feel exhausted on the court? You’re probably wasting energy! Here are some tips on how to stay energized on court.



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