Nick Kyrgios Stoops to New Low Against Wawrinka

Nick Kyrgios is in the news again, for another shocking and embarrassing reason. We know you’re probably tired of hearing about this guy at this point, but he seems to be the source of all news lately. So lets review!

Kyrgios’ Slams on Wawrinka

After Wawrinka made some comments about Kyrgios faking an injury, Kyrgios’ response left people a little shocked:


Now I’m not going to type out what he said, you can see it in the video. The comments were obviously uncalled for, and weren’t heard by Wawrinka at the time. Wawrinka, after hearing about the comments, gave his thoughts on twitter:

Kyrgios was fined after this event $10,000, and he (or his PR team, jurys still out on that one) posted an apology on his facebook page:

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the comments I made during the match last night vs Stan…

Posted by Nick Kyrgios on Thursday, August 13, 2015


Christos Kyrgios Tags In

Wait–we thought it was all over, but Nick’s brother decided to add his thoughts from a pulled radio segment with him regarding Nick and Stan’s altercation.











He’s refused to apologize for this, and both have received a little bit of hate from the media now.

All pros in the past have said something that they’ve regretted, is this at a new level? Like it or not, Kyrgios’s antics definitely bring attention to the game, so there’s that side of it as well. Nadal has spoken on his most recent comments:

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