5 Ways to Help Dad Bond With the Kids

Children look up to their fathers from the moment they are born. Fathers remain a very important role model in their childrens’ lives throughout childhood, and all of life. However, in our fast paced society, it becomes increasingly difficult to find quality bonding time. With the standard 9-5 workday all but gone forever, coupled with more competitive school schedules, after school activities, and the unfortunate, all consuming smartphones that dominate our lives, families everywhere need to make a conscious effort to spend time together.

A child’s expectations are not nearly as high as you think they are. They just want to spend time with their father, regardless of how that time is spent. Sure, planning a fun activity will also be a hit with your kid, but the point is, anything can be a bonding experience for a father and son/daughter. With Father’s Day just around the corner, here are some of our favorite ways to help Dad bond with the kids.




Most American families are disconnected from nature. With the fast pace of society, sometimes the best thing a father can do for his family is to slow it down. Getting back to nature can be so important for a child’s development and provides a great outlet for them to really put life in perspective. There is no better person for a child to experience that with than their father. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip today and check out myfamilytent.com for all the camping info you need. Remember, the camping experience is as much about nature as it is shutting off from the stresses of normal life. So, shut off the cell phones, and if you are short on time, you can always pop up the tent in the backyard!




Being together is the most important thing. Reading is one of the very best ways to stimulate your mind. Seems like a no-brainer activity for a father/child, right? Whether you are reading out loud to your child, your child is reading out loud to you, or you both have your noses buried in your own book while you share a bowl of popcorn, it’s a great way to bond. After you finish your book, head on over to RedTricycle.com to read some more! They are the online leader in all things family related, so check it out and let your child pick your next activity. You won’t be disappointed!




Whether your child looks like they are going to be the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams, or they are the more academic type, sports are still one of the absolute BEST ways for a father to bond with their children. There are so many different outlets that sports can provide for fun, excercise, and yes, father/child bonding. Nothing is more American than going out in the yard and throwing or kicking a ball back and forth. You can take it a step further and head out to the tennis court and smack the ball around. Healthy competition between family is always fun!

Looking for a fun summer activity or getaway? The US Open is coming up at the end of the summer and is one of the most incredible sporting events in the world. Taking your child to see a professional sport is something they will never forget, especially the first time. Make it special, buy them an ice cream cone, and heck, maybe even take a selfie 🙂

Don’t want to limit yourself to just tennis? You shouldn’t! Whether minor league baseball or the circus, check out scorebig.com for the best ticket prices on all the entertainment you could imagine (and some you probably couldn’t!)




It’s great when bonding can be paired with life-skill learning. Cooking is fun, therapeutic, and a family activity at it’s core. Kids want to learn from their father’s, so regardless of what you cook, get the kids involved! They will be just as excited to learn how to make mac and cheese as much as they want to learn to grill a perfect filet mignon (or probably more excited!) Make it fun, and make it messy, and you just may get the kids hooked for life! For great family cooking ideas, check out modernfamilycooking.com. They have great ideas and recipes that are sure to make even the pickiest of eaters enjoy their greens!




So this is probably not one you thought would make the list. But seriously! The weekend is probably when you get a lot of your work around the house done as we all know how crazy the weekdays can get. It is also when you are able to spend the most time with your kids, so why not combine the two?! Whether you need to pick up sticks, rake leaves, vacuum the living room, or organize the garage, doing household chores is not only a great way for a father to spend quality time with their child, but it also helps instill good values and a great work ethic in them without it feeling like a lesson. Every parent likes a good win-win situation, don’t they?!?




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