Advice For Adult Beginners Playing Tennis

Are you kicking around the idea of starting tennis, but think you’re “too old” to learn something new? PFFT! Here’s some advice from our PlayYourCourt coaches for adult beginners.

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Don R

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 

Very simply, find yourself a certified and reputable teaching professional (“pro”) and take a handful or dozen lessons over the course of a few weeks to jump-start the learning process and help you retain and apply the instructors teachings. Don’t be surprised or alarmed if the pro has you doing some things that feel awkward, or asks you to change the way you’ve been doing things before. He or she may have you doing certain exercises or “drills” that are designed to develop specific skills that, to you, may seem impractical or odd, but which actually work. Be patient, be alert, be attentive, Listen and apply as much as you can. Finally, come prepared to each lesson by having practiced at least once or twice since the previous lesson, and bring water and a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and a cap to prevent sunburn and heat exhaustion.

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Bethany B

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 

Keep practicing and competing. The combination of individualized attention (private lessons) and competition will surely improve your game. The more matches the better. Also, make sure you have specific goals in mind you’d like to reach. You may not reach those goals all at once, but practice mastering little bits and pieces at a time. 

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Trumpton M

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 

Just try it! With the right instructor and maybe a few friends to start with you (ask friends
on email or Facebook if anyone else wants to join you) you’ll be able to pick it up in no time!

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Julie H

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 
Everyone can learn to play tennis no matter what you think your athletic ability is.  It’s a great social sport and you can find success at any level.  

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Mike R

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 

They can develop great games but they need lessons. I find
that adults can develop bad habits quickly. They do have  the advantage of being fully developed both mentally and physically. The real question they have to answer is what are they really wanting to get out of tennis? Once they answer this, it’s easy.

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Jeff G

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 

If time and finances permit, adult beginners should take a beginner tennis clinic and hit lots of balls, period. The clinic should be augmented by private lessons. After the basics are in place, find someone to hit with who can control the ball and see if he or she can practice with you. Take more clinics and hit balls … get exposure to hitting while you work on grip technique and footwork. Set a goal to get into the next level within 6-8 weeks.

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Cate J

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not learning as quickly as you’d like. Stick with it and it will start to really come together.

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Roger S

What’s your advice for adult beginners? 

Beginners need to be patient and realistic. Improve stroke mechanics and footwork will give you better ball control which leads to more success.Tennis is a lifetime sport.Y ou can play just for fun or competitively.




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