Cheap Tennis Lessons in Jersey City, NJ

Tennis lessons in Jersey City, NJ

If you’re searching for cheap tennis lessons in Jersey City, NJ or the surrounding areas we can help you find discounted top-rated coaches.

Cheap tennis lessons in Jersey City, NJ doesn’t mean sacrificing quality of instructor. We work with coaches all over the area and can find you a coach who fits both your style and budget.

Remember, great tennis coaches are not one-size-fits-all.

Tennis Coaches in Jersey City, NJ With Great Reviews

Roger S.

cheap tennis lessons in jersey city, nj

Roger travels all over North Jersey and the surrounding areas and is without a doubt one of our best coaches. His fun and outgoing personality makes his students love him and love learning the game. In his 15 years as a coach he’s helped students get to high USTA rankings. He has also coached college tennis at Rutgers and was a full time head pro at West Orange, Brooklake, and Mountain Ridge country clubs.

If you have a seriously busy schedule Roger is the perfect fit for you! He will bend over backwards to accommodate his students. Energetic and enthusiastic, Roger is also a great coach if you’re a little shy and need someone to bring you out of your shell. You can view Roger’s full profile or check out other cheap tennis lessons in Jersey City, NJ and the surrounding area.

Tennis Coaches in North Jersey With Great Reviews

Max L.

tennis lessons jersey city, nj

Max is a USPTA certified pro who is currently rated a 5.0. He has over 20 years of tennis coaching experience and attended the Bolletieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, FL. At 18 he graduated from the academy after learning from the top tennis instructors in the world. He then developed his patented “Total Training System,” which he uses to push all of his students to do their very best.

Max’s specialities include: physical training, cross-training, mental toughness and preparation; emotional intelligence; the modern game and advanced techniques. If you are hoping to get a scholarship, go pro, or perform at a high level, Max is a perfect fit for you. You can view Max’s profile or check out other awesome tennis coaches who give tennis lessons in Jersey City, NJ and Newark.

Philip P.

tennis lessons Newark, NJ

Philip is USPTA and PTR Certified, based in North Jersey, and has been coaching for over 10 years. Though he teaches all ages and abilities, his expertise lies in error correction and technique. In addition to playing Division I Varsity, he was also a USTA ranked Junior. He trained at some of the country’s most premier tennis academies; Bolletieri, Van Der Meer and Sea Pines.

Have a specific stroke you need to work on? Keep making the same mistake over and over again? Philip will hone in on exactly where you’re going wrong and fix it! He emphasizes confidence and consistency and boasts a knack for breaking things down into simpler terms. You can view Philip’s full profile or check out other awesome coaches giving tennis lessons in North Jersey, NJ.

It’s easy to book cheap tennis lessons in Jersey City, NJ & Surrounding Areas

Answer a few questions about who you are and what you’re looking for and PlayYourCourt will:

  • Recommend the right coach.
  • Send the coach to whatever court is closest to you.
  • At whatever day and time works best for your busy schedule.

An assortment of tennis lesson packages to choose from guarantees you cheap tennis lessons in Jersey City, NJ and surrounding areas with the best coaches.

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