Drink All The Beer, Eat All The Hot Dogs, Still Lose Weight!

We hope your 4th of July was full of family, fireworks, a pool or a park, and, of course, BEER! And hot dogs! And more beer!!

If you are like us and indulged a tad too much over the holiday weekend never fear, you can easily lose weight! Here are ten activities that can burn more than 500+ calories in just one hour.

Which leaves 23 other hours to eat more hot dogs and drink more beer!

1. Swimming: 200 to 800 calories


Swimming is an excellent workout and it’s easy on the joints, but we’re not talking a few laps around the kiddy pool. We mean a full-on hour-long breast stroke up and down an Olympic lane. If you can keep it going for that long, you’ll burn between 500 and 800 calories! Please note though, this is not the right activity to choose if you’ve only just consumed the aforementioned hot dogs and beer.

2. Tennis: 425 to 600 calories


The number one piece of feedback we hear from clients about their tennis lessons is how they can’t believe what an AMAZING workout it is! If you’ve heard your friends say something similar, it is 100 percent true. The constant start-stop-start motion makes tennis a less-demanding version of what is called High Intensity Training (HIIT). It means that your heart rate will stay elevated for the full hour (and then some!), even though you won’t be running the entire time.

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3. Zumba class: 350 to 650 calories


Zumba is a fitness class that mixes various movements of spanish influence, like the tango, rumba, and cha cha. It will get your heart-pumping and your hips swaying, plus you never know if a tall, dark and handsome mystery man will end up as your partner.

4. Kick-boxing: 600 to 800 calories


Kick-boxing is definitely not easy on the body, but it does get the calorie-burning job done. And you’ll probably feel like a total bad-ass while doing it.

5. Clean your house for two hours


But we mean two FULL hours; no calling it quits early and heading to the pool. The cleaning has to involve some serious elbow grease too, dusting doesn’t count. If you really want to step up your calorie burning game, throw on some music and do some of those Zumba moves you learned while vacuuming. Or, even better, practice your tennis strokes with your broom!

6. 42 minutes of jump rope: 500+ calories


Full speed with no breaks will burn over 500 calories. It’s a great workout but man is this hard on your calves! As a warning: if you’re out of jump roping shape it is highly unlikely you’ll be able to do this. And since no one is really in jump roping shape…

7. Rock climbing: 500 calories


Location permitting, just 45 minutes of rock climbing will burn 500 calories. Unfortunately, rock climbing will zap the strength from your muscles in about ten minutes unless you know how to do it correctly, so it’s worth taking a few lessons. It’s also an activity where supervision from a seasoned professional and the correct gear is absolutely essential, which can get expensive fast.

8. Golf for half an hour: 500 calories


But here’s the catch: only if you walk the whole way and carry your own clubs.

9. Garden for half an hour: 200 to 600 calories


Depending on how much you’re raking and how much you’re just sunbathing, gardening can be a great workout. You may even be able to grow your own vegetables…to put on top of all the hotdogs! And beer!

10. Eating: 100 calories per hour


That means that if you eat for five hours you’ll burn 500 calories! However, you’ll also consume thousands and thousands of calories, so this one could be considered counterproductive.


If tennis jumped out at you from this list as something you want to try, we can help! Head to our website to find the perfect coach who will help you loose the most amount of weight in each lesson.

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