One Tennis Match Burns More Calories Than These Ten Less Cool Activities



Tennis is awesome. We know that. You know that. Everybody knows that. Right? Well just to prove it to you, here are ten activities that are not only less cool than tennis, but ones that also burn less calories. Might as well be cool and healthy. Alright rock-stars, if you weren’t convinced before, prepare to be…


1. Skydiving


I bet you thought skydiving was cool. If risking death while strapped to the stomach of a middle-aged man with an adrenaline addiction is cool then sign me up. Last time we checked your chances of death on the tennis court are significantly lower than jumping out of an airplane. Safety is cool, kids.

Calories burned: 12.3


2. Walking


Ugh. It’s our gift as humans, we get to cruise around on two feet, which is pretty cool, I guess. But as a form of exercise? Unless it’s a hike in the woods, wouldn’t you rather run around and play a sweet sport like tennis to burn WAY more calories? That’s what I thought.

Calories burned: 90


3. Croquet


It’s like tennis, only snootier. A game can last twelve minutes, or 2 hours. You’re supposed to wear all white. A game can have momentum changes, savage retaliation, and is best played with a drink nearby. I guess it is pretty cool, but it’s not tennis.

Calories burned: 42


4. Dinner with the in-laws


A successful dinner with the in-laws requires navigating conversation gracefully. Avoiding taboo subjects while subtly complimenting your mother in-law and always minding your manners while drinking enough but never too much. It’s stressful just thinking about it.

Calories burned: -500 (approx.)


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5. Ziplining


Ziplining is so 2014. Whizzing through the trees while dangling precariously from a piece of cable just seems reckless. Also, the calories burned come from making your way to the top, you don’t burn any calories during the actual ziplining. What fun is that?

Calories burned: 60


6. Hoverboarding


So this is all the rage now. It’s laughably lazy, very silly looking, and it burns no calories whatsoever. Other than that, it’s awesome. However, hoverboard tennis could be a BLAST. Until then, real tennis and walking sound like the better bets. Also, no chance your legs will spontaneously combust.

Calories burned: 22


7. Slip ‘n’ Slide


While it may be good ol’ fashioned American fun, it’s really nothing more than getting greased up and sliding down a glorified garbage bag. Best reserved for children and frat boys.

Calories burned: 27


8. Singing in the Shower


Admittedly singing in the shower is just as important as the calorie-burning joy that tennis can bring you. Getting clean while belting American Pie is as good a way to start (or end) a day as you can get! Best case scenario? Singing in the shower immediately after a three set victory. Everybody deserves to experience that kind of dream-day.

Calories burned: Does it really matter?


9. Doing the Dishes


Put a little elbow grease in it! Hard work is good for ya… Yuck. Gimme a tennis court, I don’t need the bulky forearms that come from scrubbing a roasting pan.

Calories burned: 9


10. Going to a Waterpark


These family friendly cesspools get a bad rap. You get quality family time, a cardio workout every time you stand atop a heart-pumping water slide, and if your lucky you get home without a rash. What’s not to love? 😉

Calories burned: 116



We’re just having some fun here. Obviously a tennis match burns more calories than all of these things, and it’s so much more fun! It’s as good a workout as almost anything else that you can do. PlayYourCourt makes tennis lessons more convenient by setting you up with a certified teaching professional on a court near you. So what are you waiting for? Check out the great coaches near you by clicking HERE.



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