Get Your Serve Down Pat

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What good are instructional videos if you can’t bring it to the court? Perfect Pat Rafter’s techniques on court with help from our certified pros!

What You’ll Learn:

Get inside the head of one of the greatest players to ever live. Learn to tap into your opponents’ weaknesses. Learn the strategy as Pat walks you through live point play. Dissect his techniques. Gain extreme confidence in your ability to serve, break serve and volley.

Specifically, Pat will teach you:

  • How to serve and volley like a BOSS
  • Pat’s exact technique for forehand and backhand volleys
  • How to aggressively return your opponent’s serve
  • How to be a more effective doubles player and optimize your angles
  • How to hit amazing slice backhands
  • How to properly warm up and prepare for matches

What You’ll Get:

  • Get Your Serve Down Pat – a 4-Week Long Course with hours of detailed video instruction from legendary tennis star Pat Rafter (100% Money Back Guarantee)
  • BONUS #1: 2 FREE lessons from (a $120+ value)
  • Once you have purchased the FYB Training Program, we will credit you with two free lessons so one of our certified pros can help you apply Pat’s teachings on the court of your choosing
  • BONUS #2: FuzzyYellowBalls’ Fast Action Bonus – a great serve stretching (particularly improving the back arch for kick serves) and injury prevention mini-course with Rodney Marshall, the USTA’s Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • How to Get it:

To purchase the “Get Your Serve Down Pat” training program click here. Once the registration ends, PlayYourCourt will contact you to schedule your two free lessons.

To get FYB’s Fast Action Bonus, you must purchase the training program by Thursday, May 2nd at 11:59PM ET.