How GRAVITY Can HELP Your Volleys

Let gravity help you with your volleys! Today, Scott shows you how to do just that. This video is for all skill levels.



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Here’s a transcription below for those who like to read ????:


– Hey guys, Scott Baxter with and today I’m gonna show you how gravity can help your volleys. So, today I’m gonna show you a simple trick that could really have a huge impact on your volleys, and to be honest, this video is really for everybody, if you’re having a hard time finding the timing on your volleys, this might help. So, to start off, if you’re not from planet Earth, you might not be familiar that there’s this thing called gravity. And gravity pulls down, as I hope we all know. And a lot of players I think forget about this concept of gravity when they’re volleying, and they start with their hands too low. The reason this is a problem is you start with your hands to low to volley, and you get a high volley, you’re too slow to pull up to make contact with that ball. So a lot of these higher volleys that we actually think should be easier become more difficult, because we’re slow getting there. Remember, gravity pulls down, so if I need to get low, gravity’s gonna help me get down towards the ball. So what I would recommend if you’re having a hard time tracking your volleys or having a hard time putting away high volleys up at the net, really think about starting with your hands a little bit higher, maybe those strings even with your face. This way when you go to get a high volley, you can reach up and make a contact with ease. If you get a low volley, gravity will help pull you down to get down there to hit that volley. I know this is simple, but it could have huge impact on your game. I hope this video helps and please remember, we only wanna make your game better here at PlayYourCourt, we just don’t know anything about you, so what I want you to do, please click the button below, answer a couple of questions for me about your game. I can then send you video coaching every week, that’s more tailored towards your specific skill level. Just click the button below, and I’ll do the rest.


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