13 Signs You Are Obsessed With Tennis

You might be obsessed with tennis if…

13. When someone asks about your partner, you immediately think of your doubles partner.

Someone asks you about your partner and your response is something like, “Good, they’re finally getting their first serve in” or “Not bad, but I hate it when (s)he tries to do a Bryan Brothers chest bump.” It’s okay, as long as you don’t tell your real partner.

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12. A bagel means more to you than your breakfast go-to

If you’ve ever said “I bagled ‘em”, and said it with a big smile, you’re sick–in a good, twisted, Dr. Evil kind of way. Nothing brings you more satisfaction than writing “6” by your name and “0” by your opponents.


11. You love the smell of new tennis balls

Admit it. Every time you crack open a new can of tennis balls you take a sneaky, exaggerated whiff.


10. One arm is bigger than the other

In your quest for sexy, defined arms, your hard work has paid off in one arm. Does that finally solve the mystery why your shirts are tight in one arm, and loose in the other?


9. You find yellow ball fuzz everywhere in your house

It’s on your clothes, in your shoes, lining your purse, and woven into your car’s upholstery. You even know what it tastes like.


8. Tan lines are all-too familiar

How many bottles of self tanner have you gone through trying to cover up your shoulder tan lines? Or how many times have you opted for shoes that cover your feet instead of showing off your sock line? Instead of turning orange and donning boots in the summer, wear them as badges of honor.


7. Your tennis bag is ginormous (yes, it’s so big it’s the combination of gigantic and enormous)

Your tennis bag is as big as you are! But it has to be. How else would you fit your rackets, shoes, clothes, grips, strings, first-aid kit – along with a million other things. You may look like you’re going on a week’s vacation, but you’re just really prepared for anything.


6. Your hands have the softness of a catcher’s mitt

Face it. Your hands are rough. They’re covered in callouses at the base of each of your fingers and the butt of your palm. But, hey, it makes you a better player!

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5. You love Roger Federer

Have you ever heard someone say they don’t like the legend himself? That would be a first for me (and blasphemous). He’s the ultimate athlete, husband, father, humanitarian; the list goes on. What has he left for the rest of humanity to achieve?


4. Your house is filled with tennis chatskies

If you see something that says “Tennis is My Racket” or “Love Mean Nothing to a Tennis Player” you buy it. Your mantel and/or walls display at least one classic wooden frame. And you have at least one fridge magnet that’s a tennis ball. You get where I’m going with this. You’re obsessed.


3. You’ve broken at least one racket frame in your time

Whether accidental or out of anger (the latter more satisfying), you’ve broken a few frames. Why does something so wrong feel so good?


2. You’ve been known to wear your tennis clothes to the grocery store

Looking good on the tennis court is half the battle. That’s why you buy the newest and cutest tennis fashions and wear them around town. It’s not uncommon on a night out to hear, “I didn’t recognize you without your tennis clothes on”.


1. During the Grand Slams, your sleep patterns change

It doesn’t matter if tennis is being played in Australia, 12+ hours ahead of time, or in Europe, 6+ hours ahead. You will get up at any hour of the night to watch Rafael Nadal live.


If you answered “yes” to 10 or more, you’re officially obsessed!

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