Increase Shoulder Power Overnight With This Simple Trick

Every guy wants to look good with their shirt off, but far too many guys focus on chest, abs, biceps, and even back. It’s the shoulders that really round out a good body and fill out a shirt – But how do you get that Schwarzenegger-like chiseled look?

The answer is simple: work out your shoulders in the right way.

Shoulder Strength – Three Muscles

The shoulders are made up of three different muscles, and if you are just hitting the gym and doing one shoulder exercise, you will never get the mass or tone you are looking for. To increase shoulder power you’ll need to target all of the muscles in the shoulder, not just one or two.

Let us break it down for you:


If you’re on a quest to target shoulder strength, here’s three exercises that will help you do it fast.

Anterior Deltoid


The anterior deltoid is the front part of the shoulder muscle. The most common (and perhaps most effective) exercise is the dumbbell front raise, pictured above. Chances are, you are already doing this one 😉


Medial Deltoid


The medial deltoid includes the “stabilizer” muscle, which helps all around shoulder movement and strength, in addition to helping really fill out your shoulders. Lateral Dumbbell raises are a great way to bulk and strengthen this part of the shoulder.


Posterior Deltoid


This is the most overlooked of the shoulder muscles. The posterior deltoid is the muscle in the back of the shoulder. Focusing on the front and side portions of your shoulders and ignoring the posterior will severely limit the size and strength potential of your shoulders.

It will also lead to underdeveloped rear deltoids which can 1) look bad, and 2) be unsafe in more “practical” usage. Pictured above is a great exercise for working the posterior: rear deltoid dumbbell rows. While simple, they will give you immediate gains in both appearance, and power.


Sustained Shoulder Strength

It’s important that you use these muscles practically as well and (if we do say so ourselves) tennis is a phenomenal way to do that.


Not only will tennis work the flexibility of your shoulders, but it will also help keep them looking defined, even when at rest.

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