Tennis Lessons in Miami, FL At Discounted Rates

tennis lessons in miami, FL

If you’re looking for tennis lessons in Miami, FL with top-rated coaches that are still affordable we can help!

Cheap tennis lessons in Miami, FL doesn’t mean settling for a poor coach. PlayYourCourt works with dozens of coaches all over the Miami, FL area. We’ll help you find the perfect instructor at an hourly rate that fits your budget.

Remember, great tennis coaches are not one-size-fits-all.

Tennis Coaches in Miami, FL With Great Reviews

Hernan V.

tennis lessons in Miami, FL

Hernan speaks both English and Spanish and played Division I College tennis at Temple University. He was also Ecuador’s National Junior Champion in Singles & Doubles! As a junior player, he consistently ranked top 25 in South America under 16 and under 14.

This coach’s strong competitive background makes him the perfect fit for anyone wanting to transition into (or advance in) tournament play. He graduated from university a few years ago, so he is still young enough to have a great rapport with juniors. You can view Hernan’s full profile or check out other awesome coaches that give tennis lessons in Miami, FL.

Jeremiah H.

cheap tennis lessons in Miami, FL

Jeremiah is a former University of Miami and ATP tennis player who is the hitting partner of several current ATP and WTA players. He specializes in technique for 3.5 to 5.0 players and achieved an ATP ranking in both Singles and Doubles.

High level players will love Jeremiah, who is exceptionally skilled at the technical aspects of tennis. Still, his students find him positive and encouraging — an expert coach with a welcoming attitude. You can view Jeremiah’s profile or check out other high level coaches giving tennis lessons in Miami, FL.

Jason D.

tennis lessons in miami, fl

Jason is based in and around Miami, FL and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the NCSF, and a Marathon Training Specialist who currently ranks as a 5.0 tennis player. Despite his advanced skill level, Jason’s “greatest joy” is taking players from beginner to competitor and making sure they learn the right foundations along the way.

Because of his strong background in fitness training Jason is the perfect coach if you’re taking up tennis to get in shape. He’ll make sure you sweat! But also that you are having a great time. You can view Jason’s full profile or check out other fitness loving tennis coaches who givetennis lessons in Miami, FL.

It’s easy to book cheap tennis lessons in Miami, FL

Answer a few questions about who you are and what you’re looking for and PlayYourCourt will:

  • Recommend the right coach.
  • Send the coach to whatever court is closest to you.
  • At whatever day and time works best for your busy schedule.

An assortment of tennis lesson packages to choose from guarantees you cheap tennis lessons in Miami, FL with the very best coaches.

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