Tennis Tip: Stop Wasting Energy on the Court!

Hello tennis lovers! This week’s tip goes hand in hand with our last tip: Why Your Footwork is Killing Your Game. Hopefully you have started to implement our footwork tips, and today we want to take it a step further and make sure you are conserving energy, and in turn, being set for each shot and putting yourself in a position to take the offensive more regularly.


If your footwork has improved, and you are using athletic movements like crossovers and split-steps, then chances are you are in a better position for each shot and are playing at a higher level already. So, why aren’t you winning more points? It’s likely because while your footwork may be great now, your recovery is lacking.

What I mean when I say recovery is your preparedness for the next  shot immediately after you hit any given shot. Here are 3 quick tips to make sure you are recovering between shots to make sure you not only stay in the point, but dictate the point!

#1 Stop watching your shots!

Sure, that inside out forehand that you just hit was beautiful, but it probably won’t be a winner. If you are not recovering to the middle of the court immediately after each shot, and your opponent tracks down your shot and hits it to the other side of the court, you will have twice as much ground to cover in half the time. And hey, if it was a winner, you will look pretty cool standing in the middle of the court when the reply never comes.

#2 Never be flat-footed!

Remember, you want to be in as athletic a position as you can be at all times during a point. After you hit a shot, stay on your toes, and get back to the middle of the court utilizing crossover steps and side shuffles. If you watch the pros, they are seemingly starting to recover to the middle of the court halfway through the shot. You don’t need to take it to that extreme, but as soon as you have fully finished you shot, stay on your toes and recover!

#3 Know where you are in the court

You always want to recover to the appropriate position after each shot, but that does not always mean recovering to the middle of the court at the baseline. If your footwork is good and you are in a position to hit an aggressive shot from the middle of the court, move forward! Let your court positioning and the effectiveness of your shot determine where you move. If you take a ball from near the service line and play a deep ball away from your opponent, you can recover and get set for your next shot by moving forward and putting your opponent on the ropes.

You will be amazed by how quickly your footwork and recovery will impact your game. Take these tips to the court next time you play, and let us know how they worked in the comments section!


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One thought on “Tennis Tip: Stop Wasting Energy on the Court!”

  1. Great tips. I so often either admire or disdain my shots rather than get ready for the next.

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