Reasons You Should Play Tennis

Thinking about learning to play tennis? Or maybe picking up a racket after years away from the sport? There’s so many reasons why you should! Read below our countdown of the top 10 reasons to play tennis brought to you by


10. Tennis Helps You Live Longer Scientists and doctors around the world point to tennis as one of the most healthful activities in which you can participate, delivering overall physical, mental and emotional gains. It will add years to your life.


9. Tennis Makes for a Happier Life Tennis engages your mind and body at the same time, unlike a typical workout at a gym. Because tennis players are more confident, healthier, less stressed and more socially interactive, they’re just plain happier.


8. Tennis is Social On court and off, you’re guaranteed to make friends through tennis. The sport encourages interaction, communication, and just plain fun. Plus, it’s great for making business connections, too.


7. Tennis is a Family Sport No matter the age, gender, ethnicity, ability level or fitness level, tennis is perfect for families to play together. Few sports can offer the opportunities for families that tennis can.


6. Tennis Teaches Life Lessons Participants, particularly youngsters, develop a work ethic, learn sportsmanship, accept responsibility, manage mistakes, enhance discipline, learn to compete, cope with pressure and adversity, develop healthy habits, learn teamwork, and much more.


5. Tennis Can Be Anything You Want it to Be Looking for competition, social play, team camaraderie, a good workout, time with family or friends, tournaments and national championships? Tennis has all of that, and more. The sport can be anything you want or need it to be.


4. Tennis is Fun At every level of the game and at every age, from 10 and Under Tennis through the most super-senior leagues, players have fun while getting a workout.


3. Tennis Develops Your Mind Tennis requires alertness, tactical thinking, and problem solving, and evidence suggests it may generate new connections between nerves, promoting a lifetime of continued development of the brain.


2. Tennis Develops Your Body The constant movement and action in tennis will burn calories, build muscle, increase bone strength, improve flexibility, fine-tune coordination and enhance overall health and fitness.


(drum roll for the #1 reason to play tennis…..)


1. Tennis is the Sport for a Lifetime There’s no other sport you can play throughout your life–from the earliest ages to your latest years–that gives you the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits tennis gives you.


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