5 Muscles Tennis Will Tone Without You Even Trying


Tennis is perfect for people who want to tone their body without necessarily adding a ton of new muscle bulk. The best part is, there’s no boring reps, no machines, no gym membership fees.

All you have to do is play and you’ll see drastic improvements to these muscles in no time:

1. Arms



It’s especially hard for women to tone their upper bodies without massive effort using free weights. Even just a couple of hours a week swinging a racket will quickly define every muscle on your arms: biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms.

2. Thighs


Say goodbye (and good riddance) to treadmills forever. You’ll be so focused on your next shot you won’t notice you’re running all over the place, but you are! In fact, it’s common for a tennis player to run THREE miles during a match! That’s extra-impressive if you think about how small a tennis court is.


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3. Calves


Quick feet are a staple of tennis – you’ll learn expert drills for fast footwork. You’ll see the payoff of those drills not only in your awesome volley skills, but also in a visible toning of your calf muscles.

4. Glutes


Yup, that’s right, with all the lunging, quick turn arounds, and short sprints, your butt will lose the effects of those office candy-jar splurges in no time.

5. Abs


There are two major abdominal regions that you need to work if you want a flat, toned stomach; the upper and lower. Moves that work the lower abs are notoriously hard and often get skipped, but only focusing on one of these areas will lead to uneven growth. Every tennis game or practice session works both major ab regions simultaneously, so the increased definition is noticeable and consistent.


Playing tennis truly is a full body workout. But, if you want to maximize your results then there is no substitute for working with a certified teaching professional who can make sure you are not only playing great tennis, but utilizing proper technique to get the most out of your game AND your workout. Ready to tone your muscles on the tennis court? Click here to find the perfect instructor in your area!

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