Why You Don’t Need To Diet To Lose Weight When You Play Tennis

Isn’t it fun to portion out your meals every day? Don’t you just love walking around hungry? Isn’t giving up dessert, pasta, and wine (gasp!) the best?!

Dieting is nobody’s idea of a good time, life is way too short for calorie counting! Taking up tennis can help you lose weight without giving up your favorite foods, and here’s how:


1. You burn a TON of calories when you play tennis.


Like 500+ for one hour. That’s the equivalent of 45 minutes on a treadmill, except better because you get to take out all your pent-up work aggression on a ball AND work on your tan at the same time. Magic.

What 500 calorie foods can you eat if you play tennis?…

Arby’s classic sized Beef ‘n Cheddar
Bagel with cream cheese
Belgian Waffle with syrup

Just sayin’.


2. You will keep burning calories for up to two hours after you train.


Tennis is the equivalent of a high-intensity training session, only less demanding on your body and way more fun. Because you’re moving almost non-stop during a lesson, your body has to supply your muscles with constant energy, so it revs up your metabolism. Your metabolism stays that high for up to two hours after you’ve stopped playing, meaning you’ll still be burning calories long after you’re done, even if you decide to go lay by the pool.


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3. Tennis inadvertently enforces good eating habits without you having to think about it.


You’re mind is engaged during tennis practice so you’re not thinking about how much you’re moving, but trust us, you’re moving! That means you’re going to feel it in your bones if you have been eating poorly. Without even realizing it, you’ll start eating healthier to avoid being sluggish on the court. Suddenly you’re opting for a grilled chicken salad over a burger and fries because you want to, not because your doctor says you have to.


4. Tennis makes veggies taste better.


Hear us out! There’s new evidence to suggest that when you’re hungry whatever you eat will trigger an endorphin release, which makes you feel happy and tricks your brain into thinking whatever you’re devouring is extra yummy. From then on, you associate that food with positive feelings, making you crave it.

Know what makes you really hungry? A tennis lesson! Afterwards, chow down on some veggies and prepare to be amazed at how delicious they taste!


It’s time to ditch the gym and hit the court! If you want to lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods, there is no better option than tennis, and there is no better way to learn than with a certified PlayYourCourt teaching professional who will come teach you on the court of your choice. We’ll help you find the perfect coach to help you achieve your dream weight. Just follow this link to get started!



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