Rule Of 3 To Increase Consistency


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Hey guys, Scott from, and today, I’m going to teach you my “Rule of 3.”

Today’s tip is one of the shortest and quickest that you will ever get from me, but I think it’s also going to be one of the most impactful. My rule of 3 is try and put three balls in the court before you try something silly.

When I say “something silly” I mean trying to be too aggressive, or trying to hit a winner before it is time. Just put 3 balls in the court, be patient, and give your opponent 3 chances to miss. That’s really the best way to think about this. A lot of us are overly aggressive and make a lot of mistakes. At least give your opponent three chances to miss before you try something silly and risk the error coming from your end of the court.

I know this tip is pretty basic and simple, but I think you will find that it will help you to last a lot longer in the points and your opponents are making a lot more mistakes than you are.

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