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What We Do

We are a mobile tennis club that sends you certified professional tennis instruction to any court of your choice. You choose the court, we'll send the pro. We do all of our bookings directly through our website which will walk you through the steps to selecting your court, choosing your professional, and booking your lesson.

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Our Mission

PlayYourCourt was established with the mission of growing the sport of tennis by satisfying a previously unmet need for high caliber, convenient, and affordable tennis instruction. We pride ourselves in making it easier for the average tennis player to receive high quality instruction.

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Our Pros

We consistently offer the highest possible level of tennis instruction available. We are well known for employing the best tennis professionals in the country and we draw some of the most well known and qualified names in the industry. All of our professionals are USPTA and or PTR certified, have at least 5 years of experience coaching players of all ages and ability levels and have a sophisticated playing background usually involving college {% trans 'tennis' experience.

Our staff consists of former and current college tennis coaches, touring professionals, nationally televised coaches, and world renowned tennis speakers. Unlike copy cat competitors, when you take a lesson with a Play Your Court Professional, you can be sure that you're receiving the highest quality of tennis instruction the industry has to offer.



Although our rates vary depending on location, our pricing structure is purposely designed to be more affordable than your nearest tennis club. Because we are a mobile tennis business without the overhead of a typical facility, we can afford to employ the best professionals in the industry and bring them to you at a lower rate.


Our Story

"Back in 2008 I was a tennis professional at a private country club just outside of Washington D.C. Day after day members would ask me if I had any suggestions for a good place for their friends and neighbors to take lessons. With the nearest public facility almost twenty-five minutes away I wasn't much help when it came to offering advice on the matter. After being asked this question repeatedly, I realized that for the non-country club crowd there really wasn't a convenient option for tennis instruction in the DC area. Initially I decided to take on some of these players on my own but as word spread I soon learned the demand was much greater than I thought.

In October of 2008 I founded Play Your Court LLC. I spent the early portion of 2009 meeting with various web developers and programmers and finally in July of 2009 PlayYourCourt.com was born. We started out small with three professionals, only covering parts of D.C. and Montgomery County but once again demand was greater than I could have ever expected. We are now open in more states than we are not and growing daily. Sports have always played an important role in my life and it's very rewarding to help grow the sport of tennis by making it easier for the average player to find high quality affordable instruction."

Scott Baxter
CEO and Founder