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How Does PlayYourCourt Work?

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    Tailored Instruction
    We hand pick the best local instructor based on your specific tennis goals
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    Flexible Scheduling
    We work around your schedule to squeeze tennis lessons into your busy lifestyle
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    Convenient Location
    Our coaches help you find the most convenient location for tennis lessons near you

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"I love the convenience of The nearest tennis club is almost 30 minutes away, but thanks to PlayYourCourt I can take tennis lessons right in my neighborhood. PlayYourCourt has finally allowed me to squeeze tennis lessons into my busy lifestyle."

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"I'm a last-minute kind of guy. When the spirit moves me, I can book lessons in a matter of seconds on and the instruction is the best I've ever had. What's not to like?"

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Group Tennis Lessons: Instruction, Affordability & Fun

Organized and taught by a trained tennis coach, group lessons let you hit hundreds of balls in match-like situations. You’ll get general instructional tips that apply to everyone in the group, as well as a few individual pointers throughout the lesson. This lets everyone keep moving, learning, burning calories and having fun. Practicing with other people also lets you greatly reduce the cost of tennis lessons.

Create Your Own Group Tennis Lesson

When you drop in at a private facility’s group lesson, you are at the mercy of the coach in terms of what the lesson covers. When you hire a tennis professional through for your own group sessions, you decide what you want your lessons to cover.

For example, women’s doubles is different than men's doubles, which is different from mixed doubles, and practices for these groups should be different. If your group wants to make the lesson more of a calorie-burning workout, your qualified coach will keep you running. If you want more stroke work, your pro will use drills that help you improve your forehands and backhands. If you want help with strategy and tactics, your coach will set up situational, live-ball match-play drills.

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