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Questions about membership

  • I just want to meet new players for practice, do I have to play matches?

    Nope! The PlayYourCourt membership is all about introducing you to new players. You can practice and/or play matches in our Challenge League. If you’re looking for practice partners, use our Practice Finder tool.
  • What is the Challenge League?

    The Challenge League is a flexible rating-based league that comes free with your membership. Unlike traditional leagues you can play as much or as little as you want each month to climb the rankings and qualify for local tournaments.
  • How does the PlayYourCourt rating system work?

    When you registered you took a self assessment quiz and were given a provisional PlayYourCourt rating. This rating will update regularly based on your match results and is designed to always surround with you evenly-matched players as you continue improve.

    Click here to see a general description of each rating level.
  • What is the match scoring format?

    We accept three different types of match formats for your Challenge League matches:

    2 out of 3 sets

    In this format, 2 out of 3 full sets will be played. A set is played first to 6, win by two. At 6-6 a tiebreaker is played to determine the victor of the set. The tiebreaker is a first to 7, win by two format. The first person to win two sets is the victor.

    2 out of 3 sets with 10-point tie breaker

    This is the same format as 2 out of 3 sets, except that the third set will be replaced with a 10 point tie breaker. This tiebreaker is first to 10, win by two. The first person to win two sets is the victor.

    8 game pro-set with no ad scoring

    If players have limited court time, they may opt to play one 8 game pro-set with no ad scoring. This format is first to 8 with a tie breaker at 8-8. The tiebreaker is a first to 7, win by two format. The person who wins the pro-set is the victor.

  • Can I play when I travel?

    Absolutely! This is one of the best parts of joining the PlayYourCourt community. We are nationwide so no matter where you go you can quickly connect with a local PlayYourCourt member for a match or practice session.
  • When and where are practice sessions and matches played?

    You and your practice partner will agree upon a convenient location and time for your match or practice session.
  • What if my opponent is late?

    For every 10 minutes your opponent is late you will be awarded one game. At 30 minutes it is considered a default.
  • Where do I report my scores?

    Click the “Report Scores” tab (on the left on desktop or in the menu if on mobile) and select the respective match to enter in your scores.
  • What if my opponent does not show up to the match??

    If your opponent doesn’t show up for your confirmed match time, select the “no show” option in the dropdown when reporting your score. We understand your time is valuable and we keep track of and penalize no shows internally, as our goal is to create a thriving community that prioritizes active members!
  • What if my opponent defaults in the middle of the match??

    If your opponent defaults during the match, enter the scores that were completed and select the default option when you are reporting your score.
  • What if my score is rejected?

    If your opponent rejects your score contact [email protected]. We will help you resolve the issue.
  • Who brings the balls?

    Each player is required to bring a new can of tennis balls to every match or practice session. In practice sessions use both cans of balls, in matches use only one can and the winning player keeps the unopened can.
  • Are there court fees?

    It depends on where you decide to play. You are welcome to play on any private or public court of your choosing.
  • How do I cancel my PlayYourCourt membership?

    Visit the “My Account” page located in the upper right hand corner of your membership dashboard to cancel in just a couple of clicks. You can cancel at anytime.

Questions about lessons

  • Where will the lessons take place?

    Your coach will come to any court of your choice. Not sure of the closest court? No sweat, they will recommend a convenient location.
  • How do I know I’ll love my coach?

    We ask you questions and hand pick the perfect coach based on what you are looking for. We are so confident in our coach selection process that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we can’t find the perfect instructor for you then we will refund your unused lesson credits.
  • Can I start with just one lesson?

    You sure can, although we offer a 100% money back guarantee so most students start with a lesson package to save money since there is no risk.
  • How do I get in contact with my instructor?

    Once you have booked your lesson package, you will immediately receive your instructor's contact information. The quickest way to schedule your first lesson is to call or text your coach and they'll get back to you asap. If your coach doesn't hear from you they'll reach out within 24 hours.
  • I’ve never played before, do you work with beginners?

    Absolutely! Our certified instructors regularly work with players of all ages and ability levels.
  • Can I bring a friend?

    Absolutely! Each extra person is only an additional $10 more per hour. Adding friends to your lesson is a great way to cut down on your lesson costs.