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What makes our tennis lessons better?

The Perfect Coach

We find you the best coach for your specific tennis goals.

Play When You Want

We work with your schedule to squeeze tennis into your busy life.

Courts Near You

Your lessons are just minutes away on a nearby court.

Choose your coach

Choose Your Coach

Finding the right tennis coach is difficult, but we’ve already done the hard work for you. Tell us your goals and our coach-finder will search our 2,000+ coach database to find the perfect instructor for you.

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Book your lessons

Book Your Lessons

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or want to purchase over the phone, call us at 301.575.6112 or buy online now if you’re ready to get started.

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Improve your game

Improve Your Game

Talk to your coach to schedule your first lesson at a court and time that is convenient for you. You’ll have fun and be amazed how quickly you will improve when you’re working with the right tennis coach.

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The Team That Practices Together…

Playing on a team, whether as a junior or an adult, is one of the most enjoyable aspects of tennis for many players. You can play with a regular partner or pair up with different teammates each match. You also get to compete against new people and play under more intense match pressure.

In addition to league matches, team practices should be an integral part of your experience. You burn calories, socialize with your friends, and improve your game.

A Couple Playing Tennis
A Boy Playing Tennis

How to Organize a Team Practice

Before choosing a coach for your team practices, talk with your teammates about their goals. Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding how much hitting, playing, and exercising the practice will provide. Ask your teammates to list, in order of their interest, the following practice goals:

  • Stroke instruction
  • Strategy instruction
  • Burning calories
  • Playing live-ball competitive points vs. dead-ball basket feeding

Once you know what your teammates want in a practice session, find a tennis coach at and let him or her know how you want your team practices structured. This will help your coach create the perfect lessons by integrating the right drills into each session.

A Girl Playing Tennis

Hiring a Coach for Team Practices

A trained coach not only knows about strokes and shots, but also understands how to coordinate more than four players on a court. Good tennis pros don’t make you stand in a line, hit one ball and then run to the end of the line. Group tennis lessons should keep you moving instead of standing around listening to lectures on proper form and technique. professionals know how to coach (not just teach) you and your teammates how to hit shots – not just strokes. When you play your next match, you should recognize the same situations you recently practiced with your coach.

Search to find a tennis coach near you for team tennis practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will the lessons take place?

    Your coach will come to any court of your choice. Not sure of the closest court? No sweat, they will recommend a convenient location.
  • How do I know I’ll love my coach?

    We ask you questions and hand pick the perfect coach based on what you are looking for. We are so confident in our coach selection process that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we can’t find the perfect instructor for you then we will refund your unused lesson credits.
  • Can I start with just one lesson?

    You sure can, although we offer a 100% money back guarantee so most students start with a lesson package to save money since there is no risk.
  • How do I get in contact with my instructor?

    Once you have booked your lesson package, you will immediately receive your instructor's contact information. The quickest way to schedule your first lesson is to call or text your coach and they'll get back to you asap. If your coach doesn't hear from you they'll reach out within 24 hours.
  • I’ve never played before, do you work with beginners?

    Absolutely! Our certified instructors regularly work with players of all ages and ability levels.
  • Can I bring a friend?

    Absolutely! Each extra person is only an additional $10 more per hour. Adding friends to your lesson is a great way to cut down on your lesson costs.