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"Excellent on all fronts - clear and concise coaching, organized approach, engaging and encouraging"
Gordon from Palm Springs, CA
"I’ve never had a lesson before, but I would say so far so good!"
Rhonda from Palm Springs, CA
"Vlad was the best. He was focused, helpful, and relentlessly patient. I’ve never played tennis before, so I was starting from zero. Vlad was great."
Nicole from Palm Springs, CA
"We had two lessons with coach Kent. He is very nice and profession. He is also very patient with my two boys."
Maggie from Palm Springs, CA

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Caleb C. Tennis Instructor Photo

Caleb C.

Palm Springs, CA
$62 / session
"Caleb is a really great guy and a really great coach. He's very professional and knowledgable...highly recommend!"
Palm Springs, CA
Gabe B. Tennis Instructor Photo

Gabe B.

Palm Springs, CA
$87 / session
"Great for me good fit"
Palm Springs, CA
Kent A. Tennis Instructor Photo

Kent A.

Palm Springs, CA
$72 / session
"Kent is a great tennis pro. He is knowledgeable and has a great approach (more leveraging your innate abilities) to teaching players. Probably one if n…"
Palm Springs, CA

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Looking to play more tennis?

The Challenge League is the easiest way to meet and compete against new players in the La Quinta area.

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How Many Tennis Lessons Do I Need?

Looking to take some tennis lessons in La Quinta, CA to learn the sport or improve your game? You're in the right spot!

PlayYourCourt is the easiest way to take tennis lessons in La Quinta, CA so you can get better (and beat your friends :)!

We get asked all the time, “How many tennis lessons do I need?” Although each person varies, our baseline recommendation is between 6-12 lessons.

PlayYourCourt coaches giving tennis lessons in La Quinta will customize your lesson package to fit your tennis goals and learning style, but here is what a general package would look like:

"The Next Level" - 6 Lesson Package:
If you want to learn the basics and sharpen technique to boost your game to the next level, our 6 lesson package is for you.

Lesson 1: Forehand
In your first lesson, you will learn the most common shot in the game: the forehand. A forehand is the shot that you hit on the dominant side of your body (the side that you hold the racket in.)

Lesson 2: Backhand
The shot you will learn next is the backhand. The backhand is a shot hit on the non-dominant side of your body (the left side for righties) and is generally hit with two hands on the racket.

Lesson 3: Volleys
A volley is a shot that is hit before the ball bounces on your side of the court. It is a very common shot in doubles, and a very helpful shot in singles.

Lesson 4: Serve
The serve is the shot that starts the point and is necessary to master if you plan to play any matches or competitive tennis.

Lesson 5: Return of Serve
The return of serve is equally as important as the serve itself, but is often overlooked. You'll also learn the strategy involved and footwork.

Lesson 6: Rallying
This is the lesson you have been waiting for! You will bring everything that you have learned in the first 5 lessons together to hit every type of shot in match-play scenarios.

Where Can I Take Tennis Lessons In La Quinta, California?

A lot of people decide not to take tennis lessons because the "closest" club is too far away.

PlayYourCourt coaches come to whatever court is closest to you, making it easier than ever to fit tennis lessons into your busy schedule.

How Much Are Tennis Lessons In La Quinta, CA?

You may be thinking tennis is expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You can join group lessons to cut costs, but the fastest way to learn and improve is with private, one-on-one attention.

PlayYourCourt is the most affordable way to take private tennis lessons in La Quinta, even cheaper than your local club.

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